Welcome to Studio Audio PH14 located on the island of Texel. Studio Audio PH14 is  a very cozy and creativity enhancing studio/rehearsal space. We also offer event production with audio-, visual- and stage services. Rikus, who runs the show, can mix and master your recordings. We also provide quality audio equipment and engineering for your own super party. We help to make your events a succes by planning and orchestrating it together. Need ideas? Come on over!

Check out this site to get an impression. Questions? Do not hesitate to contact me: rikus@audioph14.com or call 06 123 285 30



We help you to produce your events like festivals, meetings, openings, funerals, conferences, etc. We provide professional audio equipment, video projection, stages, set-dressing and decoration. We provide all the equipment, sound engineering and sound engineer.

Contact Rikus at rikus@audioph14.com or call him at 06 123 285 30


Our studio is a place where you can get your creativity going. It has chill spaces, recording and rehearsal rooms to fit your needs. We have some unique rehearsal spaces. One open stage space for try out rehearsals. One band room (up to 6 people) for reclusive sessions. And one recording-rehearsal space with recording optional.

There’s a great recording room for all your recording lust. If you want to have your music mixed and mastered Rikus is the man to talk to – rikus@audioph14.com or 06 123 285 30



We help businesses, restaurants, bars, stores and event organisations with advice on audio equipment. We also troubleshoot and do repairs on audio equipment and instruments.

Call Rikus for help and/or advise: 06 123 285 30